Throughout my collegiate career I have been building my resume and working to obtain a degree in Ski Business Resort Management with a minor in Marketing.  One thing I have known is that the ultimate goal of my degree from Sierra Nevada College to move into a marketing position at a ski resort.

I have been immersed in the ski resort industry since I was a small child riding the mountains of southern California.  Growing up in Big Bear, CA allowed me to really get into the “park” riding scene but also helped me to understand the core values of a family resort.  My senior year of high school I attended the Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy and traveled the US on the pro snowboard circuit.  This is when I got my biggest grasp on the ski resort industry due to being able to travel to resorts across the nation to ride and study the resort.  I was fascinated to see how events like the Grand Prix’s and Revolution Tours were executed.  But what I was most fascinated about was the operations of the ski resort I was at that week.

Throughout my career snowboarding and through school I have learned many things about the snowboard industry through true immersion into it on both sides, a rider and student.  I understand the hill like a core rider while holding onto important values like working with family resorts.  More than anything I want to give all that I have to offer and learn all that I can.  I pick things up quick and I always look for a new challenge.

I have now ventured into Video while all of this and is truly a new passion for me.  I hope this blog is beneficial and is full of the fresh content you want.


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