So, my bags still aren’t here… But I still made the best of my day. I got to catch up on the bloggin, make an epic snowboard playlist for the iPod, played ping pong for about an hour, made a trip into Bariloche and then my bags finally arrive at 12:30 p.m..

Editing some video to be up on the site soon.

Woke up early to a serious talk about avalanches and and breakfast, everyone is ready to ride, and I am still in the same outfit that I was wearing leaving Laguna Beach.

The trip to town was wonderful, lots of culture, people, traffic, and new experiences. Stepped in to a pizza place with a newfound friend T-Money and had some tasty beverages and the best carmel filled churros of my life. Absolutely amazing. Made it to the supermarket and found that there is no snacks. Nothing to microwave, not much candies, not many chips… You gotta cook here, which I find awesome. But the chip selection did suck. Only ham flavor chips, plain, or queso.

Made it back to the bus and came back to the compound for another amazing dinner, and to wait for my bags.

My bags finally come, so STOKED, I get to ride tomorrow! Woo Hoo! Ha.

Looking forward to the new mountain. Not knowing what really to expect, other than a good time.


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