The days here start early…. Before the sun rises, and the nights fade into the sunsets. The sun doesn’t really rise here till about 8:45. Anyway, the mornings are a little rough when the sun isn’t up, I don’t have motivation without my vitamin D!

Wake up & Breakfast – 8:00
Busses Leave – 9:00

So I sit through breakfast itching to ride and then get on to the bus for a quick ride to the mountain. The mountain that we ride is Cerro Cathedral and it is massive. Every different kind of terrain and snow condition, on the same mountain. Beautiful base area of the mountain filled with people and a wide array of music.

I am required to get a leash, or “pita” here, before I can ride on the mountain. Visibility is awful today, but we take the gondola into the clouds anyway. The visibility was about 4 ft today, great for my first time at resort I am not familiar with. But it is all good as I follow my coaches Sam (from Puerto Rico) and Burns into a halfway lodge to warm up. We then decided to hop into the trees for a minute get out of the clouds and saw some other SASS campers doing a photo shoot. The photographers that are at SASS are truly amazing. Check out for Tiko. He rips and takes amazing photos.

After that we headed down and went through a bamboo forest… Yes, I snowboarded through a bamboo forest. Pretty wild.

We sent home and I met up with Luke Shelly to learn about my internship. This is one of the main reasons I came down, not just to ride, but to learn and get the most out of my experience. Anyway, SASS took my questionnaire and my interview and created an internship that fits me. They saw that I like videography and editing so they created a marketing internship that I get to film and create a marketing plan to show the world the amazing internships SASS offers.

I love it here… But there is one exception. The plumbing in Argentina is not like it is in the states. You cant flush tp. Therefore you are forced to use my intrusive enemy, the bidet.


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  1. SethGuns says:

    SO GOOD! Keep it up… check your school email when you get a chance

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