“Norred… Norred… Is Tucker Norred on the plane?” I hear as I sit down, buckle my seatbelt, and the doors close for the plane. Phew I think as I barely made it to my first flight…..

First thing today I get a phone call from an unknown number so I of course ignore it as to get my full rest needed for my flight… I finally get up and at em’, get a nice stretch in and check the message from this mystery caller. The message says that my flight scheduled for 1:00 is now leaving at 2:45. This is not good for me because i would then miss my connecting flight in Washington Dulles to Buenos Aires. I hop in the shower and my Dad hops on the phone to see what can be done. I thought I had a decent amount of time before leaving but my shower was cut short to hear, “we gotta go!” Apparently my father had found a flight for me that was out of Orange County instead of LAX but it was leaving in just over in hour. so we race to the airport so i can check in and of course we get there right in the nick of time just to get to the counter and have more problems.

Nothing is ever easy.

I check my bags and run to my flight as they are closing the door. Still don’t know if my bags are on this plane, and hope this flight to Denver lands smoothly and i make it to my connection going to Washington Dulles.

“Norred… Norred… Is Tucker Norred on the plane?” I hear with a smile on my face while buckling my seatbelt knowing that I have made it one small step closer to the experience of a lifetime. Not knowing where my bags are or what my next curveball may be, I look forward to what keeps life interesting next.


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