Disclaimer: This is not a blog about why I think my girlfriend hates me. This is not a blog about the new cool indie band that I discovered. This is a blog that will show the diaries of a Sierra Nevada College student and his adventures with South America Snow Sessions in Argentina. So basically, it’s snowboarding, school, skate, babes, and the occasional night time adventure… On repeat. I’m just going to write it as it comes out of my head, no editing, no BS.

Well, the countdown has started for me! and I couldn’t be more excited… Like me in a candy store. 10 days till I take the plane ride from LAX to San Carlos de Bariloche in Argentina. I have spent plenty of time getting my ducks all in a row and running down my checklist of gear that I will need while riding my snowboard in search of going upside down.

It’s my thoughts before I go to bed and my first waking thought along with the taste of morning breath. Everyone keeps asking me if I can speak the language or if I’m preparing myself otherwise. Asking myself today, No, I am not. But I along with a majority of the other SNC students going down south, are hoping to learn from being immersed in this beautiful culture.
For now it’s just skate and wait for my opportunity to inch its way closer. Trying to enjoy time with friends, a visit to the X-Games and the US Open, drinking man sodas at the beach and checking out the epic surf. Yeah, it’s a rough life… But somebody has to do it.
Not really sure to expect out of this trip other than good friends, good times, and the experience of a lifetime!!!
Also not really sure who is gonna read this, but hopefully your good looking. If interested I’m 5′ 5″, a Taurus, and enjoys an intense game of cribbage.
More to come…

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